About Young Motherhood

Young Motherhood is a social documentary project that addresses the common myths, harmful stereotypes and unhelpful misconceptions that surround young mothers, and their children, in the UK.

Jendella, the artist and photographer behind Young Motherhood, was inspired to start the project by her friends who are young mothers themselves. While watching them juggle work, education and limited resources to raise their children well while also working towards their own personal goals, challenged and inspired her, she was dismayed by the general negative perception of young mothers in wider society. In particular, she was unhappy with the lack of voices representing actual young mothers in the mainstream media, as young mothers are often a demographic that is spoken about, but never spoken to.

In September 2013, Jendella set about photographing women who are, or have been, young mothers and their children to create striking family portraits, also interviewing these women in depth covering topics from relationships to sex education, ambition to benefits and support, reactions from their family and wider community and everything else in between. The interviews took her all around the country, and along the way she met women from all backgrounds, with many different life experiences.

In July 2014, the Young Motherhood Project Preview Exhibition took place in London, showcasing a selection of portraits from the project, excerpts of the interviews and a screening of an extended trailer of the project film, ahead of a more in depth look in December 2014 at RichMix in East London. There are more screenings and exhibition previews planned across Autumn 2014, find out more information here.

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