The Project

Twenty-seven women of various ages were interviewed and photographed with their children for Young Motherhood. The interviews and portraits will form the content of a book, while the filmed footage will be edited into a series of topical episodes. The episodes will cover topics such as sex education, work, relationships, family support, benefits and more. This series, along with the book, will be valuable resources for young mothers as well as those who work with them.

One of the key aims of this project, alongside challenging existing discourses and stereotypes is to encourage other women who are, or about to be young mothers themselves. Many of the participants in Young Motherhood, explained how valuable and encouraging it was for them to meet and converse with other young mothers who could understand exactly what they were going through. For those who didn’t have a community of other young mothers that they could tap into, they spoke about how encouraging it would have been to simply hear the stories and experiences of other young mothers who had been through and were going through similar things.