Young Motherhood’s April Press Features

April has been a good month!

The awareness for the project is growing and the connected nature of online media means that Young Motherhood has gotten featured internationally, including in a Swedish print newspaper.

The idea was also for Young Motherhood to contribute positively to the conversation about young mothers and their families in the UK, and it’s really encouraging to see that conversation continue further abroad.

Links to all the features below:

BuzzFeed UK – ’15 Young Mothers Talk About What They’ve Learned’

The Huffington Post – ‘Photographer Smashes Stereotypes About Young Moms in Powerful Series’

ATTN – ‘Photo Series Challenges Young Mom Stereotypes’

The Stir –’15 Beautiful & Revealing Photos Destroy The Stereotypes of “Young Motherhood”‘

Aftonbladet – ‘Ger en röst åt unga mammor’ (bottom left)

Tantrum – ‘Challenging the “Young Mother” Narrative’

‘Young Motherhood’ has also been shared in forums, on blogs and on social media extensively, so thank you to everyone who is spreading the word!

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